Jenny Guardado


Vast amounts of economic activity are not counted across many parts of the world. In Latin America, estimates of the size of this “shadow economy”

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James Feigenbaum

Sherman’s March

What were the effects of the capital destruction wrecked on the South during Sherman’s March? Comparing neighboring counties that differ only on whether or not they were unlucky enough to be in the way of Sherman’s scorched earth campaign, new work shows that destruction did have significant medium-run effects on the southern economy.

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Vicky Fouka


Vengeance, retribution meted out by an individual or social group against someone who has harmed them, has long fascinated social scientists. From blood feuds in

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Mohamed Saleh

Identity Taxation

Rulers who do not identify with certain segments of the population on religious, cultural, political, economic, or sexual orientation grounds are often motivated to induce

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